Oct. 6th, 2009

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...and if you haven't learned it yet, you will learn it soon enough. ;D Well, I said I was going to blog yesterday, and I didn't, so I'm blogging today. But before I begin, I'd like to direct everyone with even the slightest interest in makeup to my makeup blog here. I haven't posted yet, but bookmark it or follow it if you have a Google account. I'm going to start posting quite soon, the first post being a photo intensive one of a two month haul (August and September), so be sure to check it out and subscribe/follow/bookmark if you're interested. :D It'll have lots of makeup looks and info and all that majestic jazz.

Now onto other topics. This weekend is going to be exciting. Why? Well, I'm making quite a big purchase... and it's hush hush until I actually buy it and get pictures. :) It's actually a purchase I don't need (there's a surprise), but it's one of those things that if I don't buy it, I'll need it. Plus the price of it is way below it's worth, so it's practically highway robbery. It'd be a crime not to buy it, honestly. :P

But as for Friday, I just wanted to point out that I finally got my hands on the Holy Grail an 18" Badtz-Maru plushie. It was two bucks. I saw it, and it was love at first sight. I mean, my life is officially made now because I have a Badtz-Maru plushie. And for those of you who are going "What the hell is a Badtz-Maru?" right about now, it is a cute penguin Sanrio character, seemingly always with an attitude. Now to start finding San-X characters... hah. Like I'll have that kind of luck living in this town. I also bought this kickass Elgin anniversary clock for four bucks; it matches the Rococo theme I'm using to decorate my new second room quite well(I'll probably be making a post soon entirely about that, asking for help with decor ideas and such), aaand a cute pink and spring green sweater that looked like it was resurrected from the 80s. :D

Saturday, there was the annual '15 Mile Sale' here (pretty frickin awesome, yes?). It's basically just a 15 mile road that's shaped like a horseshoe, and everyone and their brother come to sale on it. It's pretty epic when the sun's not murderous. I got quite a few things; three cute purses for $4-6 (one's worth being $50+!!!), a cream button up sweater, an emerald green belt with a giant hot pink heart that ALSO looked like it was resurrected from the 80s (one of my fav finds!), this mirror for TWO DOLLARS (TWO!!!! It's not as bright as I'd like it.. but you can change the light in it, so no biggie), this book (which, I had coincidentally been wanting but kept putting off buying it), also two dollars, a basic but cute gray sweater dress from Wet Seal, a cuuute cute cute Hello Kitty plushie (she's in her pajamas :D), two pairs of jeans from American Rag and Southpole, and, last but not least, a pink 'I ♥ NYC' shirt. Photos coming soon as well. Looks like I'm going to be taking quite a few pictures! It'll definitely put my new Olympus FE-5010 to t.he test.

Okay I think that's it? ..Oh yes! I watched An American In Paris and The Glass Slipper last night on TCM. Anyone else seen them? I thought they were both fantastic, aside from the massive amount of ballet scenes. Mind you, I enjoyed them. It's just scenes that long playing instrumental music can put you to sleep quite easily.

Now I'm done. Next blog I promise there will be less talk of shopping. xD I'm just a shopaholic, what can I say?...

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Just because I want to go ahead and post a full list of sites that are mine, I recommend, etc...

— 1920shousewife.blogspot.com/

Yeah. a list that long wasn't quite necessary, but hey! I'm bored. :) I think at some point I'm going to list books I've read/are reading and list them and rate them. I mean if everyone else did that, I'd have a glorious collection of books. :D I'll probably do the same for movies too...

Well, goodnight all! In dedication to a conversation I had with a friend earlier, I'll leave you with a deep question to think about: Are your true love and the person you're supposed to marry two different people?


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