Oct. 8th, 2009

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So yesterday, I started thinking about getting ANOTHER pet (AHAHAHA like we need one!), but I can't really decide between a puppy or a kitten, though I'm leaning towards a kitten, for our dear cat Felix's brother died, and since then he's been lonely. :( I'm eying four different breeds, though relatively, I don't have much of a clue as to what other breeds of cat to consider.

My first choice is a Scottish Fold. They're cute, lovable, owner-oriented, and definitely unique. Then my second choice is the Ragdoll. Who can resist a puppy-like, big-boned, blue-eyed kitty with fur like a bunny's!? Third choice would be Oriental— "dog-like, love people, highly intelligent, and learn easily". Aaand fourth: the beautiful Himalayan. Self explanatory. :D

Long story short, I'm wanting a kitty that'll love me as much as I love him/her. Completely independent cats really aren't my cup of tea.
Anyways, it'd be nice if I could hear some stories of first hand experience with any of these breeds. Recommendations of other breeds are welcome as well! :)

- Now on to pigs. No, I'm not looking to buy one, either! I just wanted to pass on a couple of links that I received earlier today— apparently, the new fad these days are teacup piglets. They. Are. SO. Adorable! Video here and a seller's website here, just in case you're curious. =)

P.S. — Dress in three days! Woohoo!!!


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