Nov. 30th, 2009

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...since my life is "oh so very exciting". HAH!

Well last week was a loooong week... Thursday (I think?) we took a short trip to one of the nearest bigger towns. We stopped by MAC. :D And I got some stuffies at Hot Topic. Photos later. Maybe. Oddly enough I don't feel like going in depth about it. -dramatic jawdrop-

Really it was nothing exciting though. At least to the rest of the world. xD From MAC I just got 3 eye shadows (Electric Eel, Parfait Amour, & Aquadisiac, a cream color base (Luna), and FINALLY some well-needed HIGH-QUALITY foundation (Studio Sculpt in NC15, since I'm paler than pale x_x;). Then from Hot Topic I got this kickass Hello Kitty jacket with 3D ears and the signature red bow on the hood. Aaaand not to mention THIS. AWESOME. this cutest red/black/white dress that pays homage to the Japanese goth lolitas. It goes great with the ankle boots and black thigh high stockings I've got. ^_~

Black Friday- went to JCPenney's w/ [personal profile] kathxrynxo and got my dad a waffle iron (lulzzz) and myself a giant metal makeup train case. ...That included 70 PIECES of makeup. HOW COOL IS THAT?!

Then today I went to the doctors. *pause* Honestly don't wanna get into that.

I ordered some more today too (yay for Christmas money advances! ~_~), although I'll talk about those when they get here... I'm running out of excitement for blogging already. ;_; I just need that friggin tri-fold mirror from Target so I can start being full-on makeup-y on my (yet to be posted in -sobs) specifically beauty blog HERE. Bookmark it if you haven't already! :3

I think I'm finally gonna start making out my wishlist tonight. Hopefully I don't get lazy right before I put everything else aside to do it. That seems to happen to me alot... T_T



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