holy shit.

Jan. 25th, 2010 10:57 pm
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I haven't updated in almost two months. YIKES! D:

Well I don't really have much to blog about *at the moment, anyways*. I might soon, though. Uh... well:

~ My Sweet 16's coming up in 3 months. Come April 23rd, baby, I'm home free! :D

~ I spent my Christmas money on a bunch of stuff I'm quite happy with. Yay for no buyer's remorse! Guess who now has the 120 palette?! :3

~ I am now addicted to deviantART. I've been a long time lurker.. but I joined recently, and I am in love. <3 Planning on posting my own stuff soon.

~ Also addicted to: USA's White Collar.

Matt Bomer should like... be displayed in God's gallery of his best works. Seriously.

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so stand and watch it burn.

Two weeks!? I could hit myself! Well starting off...

Halloween was a complete bomb. We only got ONE set of trick-or-treaters. ONE!!!! Then we were supposed to go to the graveyard later that night, but that never happened.

Then the fest this past weekend was also a semi-bomb. I got to socialize and scout out cute boys, but I only sold like twenty-six bucks of the kandi I made. :p This economy's got everyone's pockets as light as balloons.

But on the other hand, I've got the fair tomorrow (photo intensive post, anyone?) then this crazy big community sale Saturday.. my family and I are supposed to be going there to sell stuff, but it was never specified I couldn't buy anything. ;D With that, I'll also have a photo intensive post.

~completely different topic~

I'm going to start posting inspirational photo posts soon, and I think out of pure boredom I'm going to start putting together and posting weekly "dream outfits". Whether anyone cares matters not. I love posts like that, and so that's what will be done. :D And if some passerby does happen to enjoy them? Fantastic!!

Also, I'm probably going to take and post some photos of my personal kandi collection. It's mouth-watering, needless to say. :3

9 more days- my cousin [personal profile] kathxrynxo comes to visit for a week from Florida. :D So expect a post with lots of silly/interesting photos as well.

~another completely different topic~

Who's raring for Christmas to get here already? I mean I adore Thanksgiving (not that I need a holiday as an excuse to stuff my face or anything), but there's just something about the Christmas spirit (and gifts :3) that just makes it my favorite among all holidays. I know I'm getting ALL money for Christmas, and I know I'm saving it, but for the heck of it, I'm probably going to make out my dream wish list sometime when I have nothing to do, and post it. :)

And as far as my plans for the night goes... I'm going to end up
-having a late dinner (southwestern omelets. breakfast as dinner ftw!)
-painting my nails a color I have yet to decide (might post outcome, might not)
-watching the 1940 version of Pride & Prejudice
-and ending my night with some Nancy Drew computer games. :D

Okay, totally done going on and on about random stuff. Hope everyone had a better Halloween than I! catchya laterr~ :D
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no matter the trouble you meet.

No long time, no posting. :( Well that needs to change!

Uhh let's see, what has happened in the past 13 days? I bid farewell to (now) an ex-friend, and I've developed a big time crush on Tanner of the (frickin' fantastic) band Disco Curtis, and I've been plotting ways to get to get to a concert of theirs soon. And as I type this, I'm staring at a new mirror picture he just posted to his Twitter account. ...Freaking. Yum.

Hm, what else? I've made like 934850 more bracelets since my last posted. They're pretty hot, I must say. Hopefully I'll be able to make enough money off them to go on another nail polish buying binge. :D Mebe some makeup too. And I must say, I now have quite a kandi bracelet collection now. ahah :3

I'll post more often when more important crap starts happening. haha Bye-beez. :]

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but needing isn't everything; you want love, you want us, you need me.

Haven't blogged in a quite a few days.. makes me kind of sad. I think I may becoming attached to this little dear. *pats blog's head* Anyways.

Nothing really has happened since I blogged last... my mom went to more yard sales today, but three weekends in a row is just too much for me so I was like "Eh -swipes hand and lands back on pillow-" when my mom came in and asked if I wanted to go. Yes I am lazy. :D And I barely comprehended what she was even asking me, per usual. Fortunately my lack of effort was not wasted. My mom saw nothing that would be of interest to me. Selfish creature, am I. :p

But really, these past.. two days I'd suppose I've become increasingly fascinated with kandi raver culture and, mainly, fashion. So, in a spur-of-the-moment deal, I decided to start making a bunch for myself, friends, and to sell :3 I know it's strange and not going to be very prosperous... but oh well. I love it, want to do it, and it'll just have to be unprosperous. So off I went. And here I am, with much too much kandi!!

IN OTHER NEWS! It finally. Got. Cold. BYE-BEEZ HEAT, HEWWO BBY FALL AND WINTER! Fall/Winter are always much more inspirational and exciting for me. More holidays, more happiness, more everything. :D So in celebration of fall's official arrival (where I live), I'll be making a special post full of autumn inspiration sometime very soon, whenever I'm able to get enough together to post.

Uh.. so yeah. Anyone got any current craft obsessions? Or any current obsessions period? Maybe new music album (On Your Side - A Rocket To The Moon for sure!!!!), or maybe new movie (Confessions of a Shopaholic<3)?
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...and if you haven't learned it yet, you will learn it soon enough. ;D Well, I said I was going to blog yesterday, and I didn't, so I'm blogging today. But before I begin, I'd like to direct everyone with even the slightest interest in makeup to my makeup blog here. I haven't posted yet, but bookmark it or follow it if you have a Google account. I'm going to start posting quite soon, the first post being a photo intensive one of a two month haul (August and September), so be sure to check it out and subscribe/follow/bookmark if you're interested. :D It'll have lots of makeup looks and info and all that majestic jazz.

Now onto other topics. This weekend is going to be exciting. Why? Well, I'm making quite a big purchase... and it's hush hush until I actually buy it and get pictures. :) It's actually a purchase I don't need (there's a surprise), but it's one of those things that if I don't buy it, I'll need it. Plus the price of it is way below it's worth, so it's practically highway robbery. It'd be a crime not to buy it, honestly. :P

But as for Friday, I just wanted to point out that I finally got my hands on the Holy Grail an 18" Badtz-Maru plushie. It was two bucks. I saw it, and it was love at first sight. I mean, my life is officially made now because I have a Badtz-Maru plushie. And for those of you who are going "What the hell is a Badtz-Maru?" right about now, it is a cute penguin Sanrio character, seemingly always with an attitude. Now to start finding San-X characters... hah. Like I'll have that kind of luck living in this town. I also bought this kickass Elgin anniversary clock for four bucks; it matches the Rococo theme I'm using to decorate my new second room quite well(I'll probably be making a post soon entirely about that, asking for help with decor ideas and such), aaand a cute pink and spring green sweater that looked like it was resurrected from the 80s. :D

Saturday, there was the annual '15 Mile Sale' here (pretty frickin awesome, yes?). It's basically just a 15 mile road that's shaped like a horseshoe, and everyone and their brother come to sale on it. It's pretty epic when the sun's not murderous. I got quite a few things; three cute purses for $4-6 (one's worth being $50+!!!), a cream button up sweater, an emerald green belt with a giant hot pink heart that ALSO looked like it was resurrected from the 80s (one of my fav finds!), this mirror for TWO DOLLARS (TWO!!!! It's not as bright as I'd like it.. but you can change the light in it, so no biggie), this book (which, I had coincidentally been wanting but kept putting off buying it), also two dollars, a basic but cute gray sweater dress from Wet Seal, a cuuute cute cute Hello Kitty plushie (she's in her pajamas :D), two pairs of jeans from American Rag and Southpole, and, last but not least, a pink 'I ♥ NYC' shirt. Photos coming soon as well. Looks like I'm going to be taking quite a few pictures! It'll definitely put my new Olympus FE-5010 to t.he test.

Okay I think that's it? ..Oh yes! I watched An American In Paris and The Glass Slipper last night on TCM. Anyone else seen them? I thought they were both fantastic, aside from the massive amount of ballet scenes. Mind you, I enjoyed them. It's just scenes that long playing instrumental music can put you to sleep quite easily.

Now I'm done. Next blog I promise there will be less talk of shopping. xD I'm just a shopaholic, what can I say?...


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