holy shit.

Jan. 25th, 2010 10:57 pm
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I haven't updated in almost two months. YIKES! D:

Well I don't really have much to blog about *at the moment, anyways*. I might soon, though. Uh... well:

~ My Sweet 16's coming up in 3 months. Come April 23rd, baby, I'm home free! :D

~ I spent my Christmas money on a bunch of stuff I'm quite happy with. Yay for no buyer's remorse! Guess who now has the 120 palette?! :3

~ I am now addicted to deviantART. I've been a long time lurker.. but I joined recently, and I am in love. <3 Planning on posting my own stuff soon.

~ Also addicted to: USA's White Collar.

Matt Bomer should like... be displayed in God's gallery of his best works. Seriously.

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...since my life is "oh so very exciting". HAH!

Well last week was a loooong week... Thursday (I think?) we took a short trip to one of the nearest bigger towns. We stopped by MAC. :D And I got some stuffies at Hot Topic. Photos later. Maybe. Oddly enough I don't feel like going in depth about it. -dramatic jawdrop-

Really it was nothing exciting though. At least to the rest of the world. xD From MAC I just got 3 eye shadows (Electric Eel, Parfait Amour, & Aquadisiac, a cream color base (Luna), and FINALLY some well-needed HIGH-QUALITY foundation (Studio Sculpt in NC15, since I'm paler than pale x_x;). Then from Hot Topic I got this kickass Hello Kitty jacket with 3D ears and the signature red bow on the hood. Aaaand not to mention THIS. AWESOME. this cutest red/black/white dress that pays homage to the Japanese goth lolitas. It goes great with the ankle boots and black thigh high stockings I've got. ^_~

Black Friday- went to JCPenney's w/ [personal profile] kathxrynxo and got my dad a waffle iron (lulzzz) and myself a giant metal makeup train case. ...That included 70 PIECES of makeup. HOW COOL IS THAT?!

Then today I went to the doctors. *pause* Honestly don't wanna get into that.

I ordered some more today too (yay for Christmas money advances! ~_~), although I'll talk about those when they get here... I'm running out of excitement for blogging already. ;_; I just need that friggin tri-fold mirror from Target so I can start being full-on makeup-y on my (yet to be posted in -sobs) specifically beauty blog HERE. Bookmark it if you haven't already! :3

I think I'm finally gonna start making out my wishlist tonight. Hopefully I don't get lazy right before I put everything else aside to do it. That seems to happen to me alot... T_T

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I just haven't met you yet. <3

I adore how the tiniest flower buds give you so much hope for spring in the midst of life's snowstorms! I'm happy despite being fatigued and overstressed over tons of problems collapsing on me.

~ Saturday
-yard sale
-my beloved cousin [personal profile] kathxrynxo comes to visit FOR A WEEK!
-church fall festival from 4 to 7PM
~ Sunday 
-going to the theater to see New Moon

Then the rest of the week will consist of globs and oodles of fun; window shopping, last minute trips, board games and movie marathons. Yay!!! :DDD~
*on a completely different note*
I just went on a binge of fantastical levels at Heavenly Natural tonight, so now I have my purchase to also look forward to (approximately) sometime midweek next week. :3 The ridiculous haul below:

Posting this has me in a gleeful fit and drooling. ^_~

And I removed my gorgeous blue nail polish (it finally began to chip ;~;), and so I plan on painting my nails again tonight!. Time to whip out China Glaze's Matte Magic for it's first time use! :D Pictures to come (most likely) tomorrow. :]

Okay I have to go shower and my sister's determined to drive me insane if I don't. *wavewave* BYE-BEEZ.
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she likes, she likes to be my bittersweet love.

So, I went to town tonight, and it was quite an ordeal. When we were in a Applebee's To-Go parking space, my mom's car's battery died, and that was an hour waiting for my clueless dad to get it working again...

But on the upside, I finally got around to going to Sally's Beauty Supply, and add to my ever-growing lacquer collection. :D

137 - Rainbow.
A beautiful and simple opalescent white.

023 - White On White.
Basic white. Out of all of my lacquers, I had no basic white. haha

716 - Strawberry Fields.
Now one of my absolute favorites. It's a delicious hot pink with gold flecks.
Unfortunately, the gold is barely seen in this photo. :(

080 - Tempest.
An awesome bluish purple with a violet sheen.

While I went to Sally's expressly to get my hands on China Glaze's Kicks collection
(which they didn't have ;~;),
I did manage to snag three colors from their new
Holiday 2009 collection China Glaze Loves You Snow Much:

28843 - Emerald Sparkle.
It's hard to see the true color, but it is simply gorgeous in person-
and while I'm not totally fond of most glitter polishes, this collection is exempt.
It's not chunky glitter like you see so often, but micro glitter.
Yay for not looking like a cheap kiddie polish! :D

28842 - Tinsel.
Simple technicolor silver micro-glitter in a clear base.
Simple yet pretty!

28871 - 5 Golden Rings.
A lacquer with awesome gold monochrome micro-glitter.

While I was browsing, I found a small advertisement for China Glaze's Matte Magic Top Coat. Well, at first I looked and looked; couldn't find it. So I told a worker there, and he couldn't find it either. So I sighed and whatever'd it and went to check out, but as I was waiting for the guy to come back from the storage room, I was browsing, and LOW-AND-BEHOLD, what do I find on the bottom shelf of the middle-of-the-isle display?? A container of Matte Magic!!!!! Happy Andi indeed. Needless to say, I think it was meant to be. ^_~

Well, I need to go shower so I can watch Sense & Sensibility. Night-nights. <3
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but you're alright.

Just got back from the fair. :) It was all sorts of awesome! Though I didn't get as pictures many as I had planned to (or of everything I wanted to take pictures of), I still managed:

^Kickass kiddie ride I couldn't go on cause I'm too tall :(
One thing my shorty-ness DIDN'T come in handy for.
And yes, the second and third are nearly identical-
but I like them both because one is more centered and the other has the
Zero Gravity ride going on in the background :3
^My fail of a picture of Zero Gravity. Stupid random people standing in the way!
^Some random (I assume) jungle-themed playhouse thing we were standing by.
^Kiddie gator-themed coaster :D I didn't get to take pic of my childhood favorite,
the caterpillar coaster though ;_; I went on it too! Ahh the memories...
^Random game booth. Stupid me didn't take pictures of the booths with cuter stuffies. :[
^Note to self for future reference: no more spinny things. I suspect I'll be waking up with sore muscles.
Those things you spin yourself are the most hard things to work with! THEY BARELY BUDGE!
Especially got a lazy ass fourteen year old boy sitting back not helping..
^Wanted to get on that thing; it was so fun looking! Buuttt no such luck.
^Now my second favorite fair/carny ride of ALL TIME! I couldn't get a good picture of the
actual ride cause we were so close and it was pretty high off the ground,
but it was like a hamster wheel thing, and it was SO FANTASTICAL! :D
I wanted to ride the (I'm not positive what the ride was ACTUALLY called, so I'm just gonna call it) Hamster Wheel another time,but by that time we had walked all the way to the other side of the fair, and I had cheesy fries and a sweet, sweet funnel cake in my stomach, so going upside down was obviously a no-no.

THEN. We bumped into my uncles' friend, his girlfriend, and her two kids. Hanging out with her daughter was cool, but her jackass fourteen year old son was a totally different story. I suppose he liked me, but his actions seem like it was otherwise. Long story short, I persistently harassed him, and ended up making him look like a complete chicken by going on a ride (Hamster Wheel ^3^) he was too scared to go on, and coming off completely thrilled and very un-scared! ;D

They had a variety of different rides from last year, which was generally good. Only problem was they didn't have the Himalayan ride (or in this case it was called Musik Express) that is my number one fave. :( But I lived!

All-in-all: fun fun fun night. I came home with a jumbo bag of cotton candyyy. mwahaha!!!

~In other news~

I was watching Pride & Prejudice today, and I shift just an inkling-- and my glasses just freaking randomly break! So now I must begrudgingly go to Wal-Mart tomorrow to see if they have any of the same frames. I'll be totally and honestly pissed if I have to go through another eye exam. Ugh I hate those. >_<

But on the upside: at least Wal-Mart is just a hop and a skip away from the mall. Sally's Beauty Supply & Claire's, anyone? ^_~

***** in last night's blog, I mentioned painting my nails. And in an unusual act of ACTUALLY doing it instead of saying I'm going to do it and never actually doing it, I did. A beautiful, freaking fantastic color.

It's 634 - Frostbite by China Glaze, for anyone curious! :3

Okay, I'm totally and completely pooped and tired at the same time, so I'm off to shower and shitt~ And since I watched Phantom of the Opera in place of playing Nancy Drew games last night, looks like tonight, Nancy Drew is gonna keep me company. (:

            ♥ andi.

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so stand and watch it burn.

Two weeks!? I could hit myself! Well starting off...

Halloween was a complete bomb. We only got ONE set of trick-or-treaters. ONE!!!! Then we were supposed to go to the graveyard later that night, but that never happened.

Then the fest this past weekend was also a semi-bomb. I got to socialize and scout out cute boys, but I only sold like twenty-six bucks of the kandi I made. :p This economy's got everyone's pockets as light as balloons.

But on the other hand, I've got the fair tomorrow (photo intensive post, anyone?) then this crazy big community sale Saturday.. my family and I are supposed to be going there to sell stuff, but it was never specified I couldn't buy anything. ;D With that, I'll also have a photo intensive post.

~completely different topic~

I'm going to start posting inspirational photo posts soon, and I think out of pure boredom I'm going to start putting together and posting weekly "dream outfits". Whether anyone cares matters not. I love posts like that, and so that's what will be done. :D And if some passerby does happen to enjoy them? Fantastic!!

Also, I'm probably going to take and post some photos of my personal kandi collection. It's mouth-watering, needless to say. :3

9 more days- my cousin [personal profile] kathxrynxo comes to visit for a week from Florida. :D So expect a post with lots of silly/interesting photos as well.

~another completely different topic~

Who's raring for Christmas to get here already? I mean I adore Thanksgiving (not that I need a holiday as an excuse to stuff my face or anything), but there's just something about the Christmas spirit (and gifts :3) that just makes it my favorite among all holidays. I know I'm getting ALL money for Christmas, and I know I'm saving it, but for the heck of it, I'm probably going to make out my dream wish list sometime when I have nothing to do, and post it. :)

And as far as my plans for the night goes... I'm going to end up
-having a late dinner (southwestern omelets. breakfast as dinner ftw!)
-painting my nails a color I have yet to decide (might post outcome, might not)
-watching the 1940 version of Pride & Prejudice
-and ending my night with some Nancy Drew computer games. :D

Okay, totally done going on and on about random stuff. Hope everyone had a better Halloween than I! catchya laterr~ :D
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no matter the trouble you meet.

No long time, no posting. :( Well that needs to change!

Uhh let's see, what has happened in the past 13 days? I bid farewell to (now) an ex-friend, and I've developed a big time crush on Tanner of the (frickin' fantastic) band Disco Curtis, and I've been plotting ways to get to get to a concert of theirs soon. And as I type this, I'm staring at a new mirror picture he just posted to his Twitter account. ...Freaking. Yum.

Hm, what else? I've made like 934850 more bracelets since my last posted. They're pretty hot, I must say. Hopefully I'll be able to make enough money off them to go on another nail polish buying binge. :D Mebe some makeup too. And I must say, I now have quite a kandi bracelet collection now. ahah :3

I'll post more often when more important crap starts happening. haha Bye-beez. :]

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but needing isn't everything; you want love, you want us, you need me.

Haven't blogged in a quite a few days.. makes me kind of sad. I think I may becoming attached to this little dear. *pats blog's head* Anyways.

Nothing really has happened since I blogged last... my mom went to more yard sales today, but three weekends in a row is just too much for me so I was like "Eh -swipes hand and lands back on pillow-" when my mom came in and asked if I wanted to go. Yes I am lazy. :D And I barely comprehended what she was even asking me, per usual. Fortunately my lack of effort was not wasted. My mom saw nothing that would be of interest to me. Selfish creature, am I. :p

But really, these past.. two days I'd suppose I've become increasingly fascinated with kandi raver culture and, mainly, fashion. So, in a spur-of-the-moment deal, I decided to start making a bunch for myself, friends, and to sell :3 I know it's strange and not going to be very prosperous... but oh well. I love it, want to do it, and it'll just have to be unprosperous. So off I went. And here I am, with much too much kandi!!

IN OTHER NEWS! It finally. Got. Cold. BYE-BEEZ HEAT, HEWWO BBY FALL AND WINTER! Fall/Winter are always much more inspirational and exciting for me. More holidays, more happiness, more everything. :D So in celebration of fall's official arrival (where I live), I'll be making a special post full of autumn inspiration sometime very soon, whenever I'm able to get enough together to post.

Uh.. so yeah. Anyone got any current craft obsessions? Or any current obsessions period? Maybe new music album (On Your Side - A Rocket To The Moon for sure!!!!), or maybe new movie (Confessions of a Shopaholic<3)?
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So yesterday (Sunday) I got the dress of my dreams, but aside from that, there's not much to blog about other than my having constant headaches, AND my disbelief at the fact that such simple minded creatures (boys) could possibly be so complex... *groan*
Anyways, I'll be posting some photos of it quite soon though. :)
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So yesterday, I started thinking about getting ANOTHER pet (AHAHAHA like we need one!), but I can't really decide between a puppy or a kitten, though I'm leaning towards a kitten, for our dear cat Felix's brother died, and since then he's been lonely. :( I'm eying four different breeds, though relatively, I don't have much of a clue as to what other breeds of cat to consider.

My first choice is a Scottish Fold. They're cute, lovable, owner-oriented, and definitely unique. Then my second choice is the Ragdoll. Who can resist a puppy-like, big-boned, blue-eyed kitty with fur like a bunny's!? Third choice would be Oriental— "dog-like, love people, highly intelligent, and learn easily". Aaand fourth: the beautiful Himalayan. Self explanatory. :D

Long story short, I'm wanting a kitty that'll love me as much as I love him/her. Completely independent cats really aren't my cup of tea.
Anyways, it'd be nice if I could hear some stories of first hand experience with any of these breeds. Recommendations of other breeds are welcome as well! :)

- Now on to pigs. No, I'm not looking to buy one, either! I just wanted to pass on a couple of links that I received earlier today— apparently, the new fad these days are teacup piglets. They. Are. SO. Adorable! Video here and a seller's website here, just in case you're curious. =)

P.S. — Dress in three days! Woohoo!!!
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Just because I want to go ahead and post a full list of sites that are mine, I recommend, etc...

— 1920shousewife.blogspot.com/

Yeah. a list that long wasn't quite necessary, but hey! I'm bored. :) I think at some point I'm going to list books I've read/are reading and list them and rate them. I mean if everyone else did that, I'd have a glorious collection of books. :D I'll probably do the same for movies too...

Well, goodnight all! In dedication to a conversation I had with a friend earlier, I'll leave you with a deep question to think about: Are your true love and the person you're supposed to marry two different people?

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...and if you haven't learned it yet, you will learn it soon enough. ;D Well, I said I was going to blog yesterday, and I didn't, so I'm blogging today. But before I begin, I'd like to direct everyone with even the slightest interest in makeup to my makeup blog here. I haven't posted yet, but bookmark it or follow it if you have a Google account. I'm going to start posting quite soon, the first post being a photo intensive one of a two month haul (August and September), so be sure to check it out and subscribe/follow/bookmark if you're interested. :D It'll have lots of makeup looks and info and all that majestic jazz.

Now onto other topics. This weekend is going to be exciting. Why? Well, I'm making quite a big purchase... and it's hush hush until I actually buy it and get pictures. :) It's actually a purchase I don't need (there's a surprise), but it's one of those things that if I don't buy it, I'll need it. Plus the price of it is way below it's worth, so it's practically highway robbery. It'd be a crime not to buy it, honestly. :P

But as for Friday, I just wanted to point out that I finally got my hands on the Holy Grail an 18" Badtz-Maru plushie. It was two bucks. I saw it, and it was love at first sight. I mean, my life is officially made now because I have a Badtz-Maru plushie. And for those of you who are going "What the hell is a Badtz-Maru?" right about now, it is a cute penguin Sanrio character, seemingly always with an attitude. Now to start finding San-X characters... hah. Like I'll have that kind of luck living in this town. I also bought this kickass Elgin anniversary clock for four bucks; it matches the Rococo theme I'm using to decorate my new second room quite well(I'll probably be making a post soon entirely about that, asking for help with decor ideas and such), aaand a cute pink and spring green sweater that looked like it was resurrected from the 80s. :D

Saturday, there was the annual '15 Mile Sale' here (pretty frickin awesome, yes?). It's basically just a 15 mile road that's shaped like a horseshoe, and everyone and their brother come to sale on it. It's pretty epic when the sun's not murderous. I got quite a few things; three cute purses for $4-6 (one's worth being $50+!!!), a cream button up sweater, an emerald green belt with a giant hot pink heart that ALSO looked like it was resurrected from the 80s (one of my fav finds!), this mirror for TWO DOLLARS (TWO!!!! It's not as bright as I'd like it.. but you can change the light in it, so no biggie), this book (which, I had coincidentally been wanting but kept putting off buying it), also two dollars, a basic but cute gray sweater dress from Wet Seal, a cuuute cute cute Hello Kitty plushie (she's in her pajamas :D), two pairs of jeans from American Rag and Southpole, and, last but not least, a pink 'I ♥ NYC' shirt. Photos coming soon as well. Looks like I'm going to be taking quite a few pictures! It'll definitely put my new Olympus FE-5010 to t.he test.

Okay I think that's it? ..Oh yes! I watched An American In Paris and The Glass Slipper last night on TCM. Anyone else seen them? I thought they were both fantastic, aside from the massive amount of ballet scenes. Mind you, I enjoyed them. It's just scenes that long playing instrumental music can put you to sleep quite easily.

Now I'm done. Next blog I promise there will be less talk of shopping. xD I'm just a shopaholic, what can I say?...

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Well, looks like I've finally found a place to share my thoughts and share my creations where they'll truly be appreciated; I write, enjoy makeup artistry, I design graphics, like crafts, I dabble in 'virtual decorating' *cough Sims cough* that I screen cap.. just miscellaneous stuffs I suppose. I needed a place like this. Somewhere to vent and speak my mind freely, and share things that won't be judged.
I've been in a creative and all around slump recently. I'm not sure why.. maybe it's because of an important decision I have to make, that I just can't. I'm indecisive by nature with everything, so that trait doesn't lend me much help. Plus I've got the weight of particular long-term friendships being jeopardy. I feel like life's one big circus, and unlucky me, I'm the main juggler. It throws me problem after problem, ball after ball, until I feel like they're all just going to drop— and take me with them. And the hardest part is, there isn't a person I can talk to about it. Either they won't understand, don't want to understand, have their own problems more important than my own, or think they're problems are more important than my own and lecture me. I mean, I could have had someone like there to understand, to listen. I was close to it. But I decided against it because it was a choice I was going to make out of pure desperation and loneliness, not genuine feelings, and those just aren't conditions I want to have a romantic relationship under. That's an entirely different story, though.

So maybe this place will be the home for those thoughts... it'll also be an outlet to show the world my creations and aspirations, and, hopefully, a garden for future blossoming friendships. :)
~ on a lighter note ~

I should be sleeping, but instead I should be dealing with my wardrobe (which I'm not doing, either): putting away most of my summer clothes (the weather here is still deciding on if it wants to be warm or chilly, unfortunately), and whipping out the fall/winter clothes. It cannot come fast enough, honestly. One reason being I have a fetish with guys in winter clothing. Strange? Yes. Do I care? Not at all. :3

I stopped by Rue21 today to prepare for winter. For some strange reason, the key object of winter—jeans—has just been the most neglected item of my closet, and with a nippy fall and cooold winter ahead, I don't really want that. So off I went! I picked up six pairs of jeans (on sale for buy one, get one half off!!!!!!!)—what I needed—and, being the impulse buyer I am (still trying to work on that....), I picked up a few things that weren't.. exactly necessary. But hey! At least the three out of four items I did not need to buy were all on sale for six bucks. :D
Dark indigo wash skinny. Rhinestone Gothic crosses on back pockets.
Basic light wash low rise skinny.
Basic black and white wash skinny.
Black, silver, burgundy pattern.
Basic light wash skirt.
Basic dark indigo wash skirt.
& a black basic tank top. It's a necessity even if it is a tank top and fall is coming.
I TRIED to get these, but alas, no such luck with sizing. :( But I did manage to find a penny in the dressing room while trying on a couple of the pairs! Tail side up, went straight in my left pocket frantically after I managed to kick it before I could pick it up the first time. *shakes head*

All in all, I'm happy with my purchase. :) Okay okay. It's late and I'm tired. Tomorrow (er, later today) I'll post about what I did and what I managed to buy Friday, Saturday, and everything else in the past three months. Aha how sad it is that my life consists of shopping. Goodnight~